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DEATH BATTLE: Yandere-Chan vs. Yukako Yamagishi
Gertrude looked at her two opponents in this match. The thunderbird and the shrinemaiden were both formidable fighters on their own, and this was even more so together. The two of them formed a terrifyingly powerful combination. Godfrey had learned that lesson during his ill-fated plan to start a war between humanity and monsters. Of course, Gertrude had certain advantages that Godfrey lacked.

Control over boundaries, for one.

Gertrude dodged a lightning bolt that arced to her right, but was forced to use her gap abilities to avoid a barrage of needles. Nanye soon charged at Gertrude, keeping the gap demon occupied with dodging and blocking the thunderbird’s blows. Raina flew behind the thunderbird and pulled out a card.

“Explosive sign ‘Fourth of July’,” the shrinemaiden shouted. A large amount of explosive orbs appeared around Gertrude, converging on her current position.

The gap demon escaped with her boundary powers, and was promptly struck by an electric beam fired by Nanye.

“Hmm, not bad,” the gap demon said, before pulling out a card of her own, a large amount of portals opening behind her, “Border sign ‘Dimensional Invocation’.”

Beams shot from the portals Gertrude had opened, forcing her two opponents to dodge the vast amount of beams. Nanye managed to close the distance, using lightning-charged melee attacks against the gap demon. Meanwhile, Raina stood at a distance, beginning an invocation of some sort. As Gertrude was dodging, she realized what the shrinemaiden was trying to do. If Raina was left undisturbed, the entire tide of the fight would change.

She couldn’t allow that, so she backed away from Nanye’s attacks, moving through a gap so that she was right in front of Raina. The shrinemaiden, caught somewhat off-guard, was forced to cancel her incantation to dodge the incoming attack, a laser that came out of a portal. Several more lasers came out, going at different angles to constrict the shrinemaiden's movement.

“Thunder sign ‘Bolt Strike’!” Nanye yelled, plowing an electric charged fist into the gap demon’s side. The thunderbird followed this up with a kick that sent Gertrude flying downward. Gertrude quickly righted herself, using her gap powers to “fall” next to Nanye. Portals opened up to attack Nanye, but the beams that came out were blocked by a barrier erected by Raina.

“Border sign ‘Dimensional Invocation’,” Gertrude said, using the spellcard once more. A multitude of portals opened behind Gertrude, barraging the barrier with beams. Amazingly, Raina's barrier held against the spellcard, leading to the gap demon's opponents bringing out their own spellcards.

“Havenray technique ‘Freedom Seal’!” yelled the shrinemaiden.

“Thunder sign ‘Full Pulse’!” Nanye shouted at the same time.

Several red, white, and blue orbs appeared around the shrinemaiden, before converging toward the gap demon. Nanye's hands both charged with electricity, before the thunderbird put them together in front of her and launched a large beam.

The combination of these two attacks would be completely devastating to even the gap demon, forcing her to first open several portals to redirect the attacks away from her, before opening another portal to evade the rest of the attack.

“Good job, you two,” she stated to the two incident solvers, "this spar was rather exciting."

“Over already?” Nanye asked.

“Yes… the two of you continue to become more and more powerful. I’m honestly impressed.”

“Really?” Raina questioned.

"Of course. I foresee great heights in your future. With the rate you two are growing, I'm sure you might exceed even Andrealphus one day,” Gertrude responded, before chuckling and opening a portal, “now then, why don’t we adjourn for tea?”

That suggestion was something both the thunderbird and the shrinemaiden could agree to.
Fantasia-related Oneshot
It's pretty short, tbh. I mostly wrote this to stretch my creative muscles and also to possibly expand upon my own universe (albeit one heavily inspired by Touhou, as one might've noticed).

Whether or not this leads into anything more is to be determined. This particular thing is just a oneshot, but I might expand a bit more on how Fantasia works at some point.
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I feel like doing this.

Comment and I will...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA for 20 seconds. 
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4. Tell you what character you remind me of. (If I can remember their names)
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something that I like about you. 
7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 
8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 
9. Guess your gender.

Blame :iconsodapop727: and :icontenguichi:.


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